League Award Program

The Ohio WBA League Award Program is designed to honor bowlers of all averages. This year five ladies from Greater Hamilton WBA received these OWBA League Awards. From its beginning -

In 1935 awards were presented for high series, first high game and second high game. Bowlers were eligible provided their league paid the required $1 sanction fee. Hamilton received its first state league award in 1949 when Loretta Welsh shot 279 and won a medal for second high game. In 1962 it was decided the program needed to be enlarged. Five average divisions were introduced. Each season these divisions were presented with first and second high series and first and second high game.

Bowlers in those days did not average as high as they do today. Bowlers who averaged 165 and above were in Division 1. By 1983 the average base for Division 1 increased to 185 & above.

And today
The current OWBA League Award Program consists of six divisions with awards presented for series only. Division 1 now include bowlers who average 190 and above. The new program has been in effect since 1996 and this is the largest number of Gr. Hamilton bowlers honored in one season.

Congratulations to all the GHWBA state league award winners.

1997-98 League Award Winners -
Missy Luckadoo was honored for rolling a 531 with a 117 average in the Rinky-Dinks League at Fairfield Lanes.

Barb Holtzclaw was honored for rolling 530 with a 126 average in the Tuesday Afternoon Ladies League at Fairfield Lanes.

Janice Bane was honored for rolling 613 with a 148 average in the Ball and Chain Mixed League at Fairfield Lanes.

Jennifer Leugers was honored for rolling 597 with an average of 147 in the Pleasant Run Mixed Couples League at Northwest.

Tammi Howard was honored for rolling a 668 with an average of 159 in the Sunday Mixed Couples League at Fairfield Lanes.

Previous Winners -
1996-97 Kim Anderson (125 Avg.) 615
1995-96 Brenda McKee (138 Avg.) 609

Old format
1988-89 - First High Single Game
Sandy Banks (165 Avg.) 300

1987-88 - Second High Single Game
Nancy Fifer (178 Avg.) 299

1985-86 - Second High Single Game
Mary Beth Mense (145-164 Avg.) 290
Donna Bronkhorst (163 Avg.) 289

1984-85 - Second High Single Game
Carol Guenther (125-144 Avg.) 278

1983-84 Second High 3 Game Series
Pamela S. Heidi (124 Avg.) 562

1981-82 High 3-Game Series
Robyn Campbell (145-164 Avg.) 671

1979-80 Second High Game
Susan Bultman (125-139 Avg.) 268

1977-78 First High Game
Barb Roesch (125-139 Avg.) 288
Pam Jones (124 & under) 242
High Series 695 & 2nd High Game 299
Roberta Lipscomb (155-169 Avg.)

1976-77 High 3-Game Series
Norma Creech (170 & up Avg.) 744

1975-76 Second High 3-Game Series
Margie Klapper (140-154 Avg.) 642

1973-74 Second High Game
Pat Beiser (165 & up Avg.) 299

1971-72 Second High 3-Game Series
Polly Gully (120-134 Avg.) 582

1968-69 High 3-Game Series
Suzette Snyder (119 & under Avg.) 528

1965-66 First High Game
Faye Janos (120-134 Avg.) 254

1963-64 Second High 3-Game Series
Pat Sword (150-164 Avg.) 666

Hamilton's first award
1949 Second High Game Loretta Welsh 279